The Art Hall is available for event rentals! The gallery is a unique setting for company luncheons, presentations, cocktail parties, pre-Tower Theatre show gatherings, and more. 

Please note, The Art Hall will have art exhibitions mounted on the walls during most events, with certain exceptions. In order to accommodate one-day or one-night “guest” exhibitions, additional fees to those listed below will apply.

Event hosts are asked to help look out for the safety of the artwork. Touching artwork is prohibited; all activity is recorded via video camera. We thank everyone for their attention to this.

A list of event planners, caterers, nearby restaurants, and licensed bartenders is available upon request. The Art Hall does not offer event planning services but we are happy to answer any questions you may have about what our space can accommodate.


Capacity: 45 seated, 100 standing.

Availability and Pricing: 

Weekday, midday events: $200

Weekday, after 5pm: $300 

Weekends: $300 for up to 5 hours; $500 for all day/evening

Outside space and seating available.

Outlets located throughout the hallway. 

Parking available in The Rise's North parking lot. Street parking is also available. An abundance of bars, restaurants, and entertainment is within walking distance.

Please use the form below to tell us about your event!

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