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Girls Club Art Show, v. 2.0 Exhibition

Please join us for the second installment of Girls Club Art Show – v. 2.0, opening August 2nd at The Art Hall. This year, “The Club” features new work by a dynamic group of female artists from the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area.

Featured Artists:

Adrienne Wright
Faye Miller
Emma Difani
Erica Danley
Heidi Ghassempour
Virginia Sitzes

Founded by Adrienne Wright, Faye Miller, and Erica Danley, Girls Club Art Show was born out of a conversation about the local art scene and opportunities for women to exhibit and sell work. While “The Club” welcomes everyone to participate, the intent of the collective is to provide a conduit through which emergent female artists can display their talents and carve out a place in the creative community.

Exhibition on view from July 15, 2019 through October 20, 2019.