SideStories Exhibition, Facing North

SideStories, June - September 2017

SideStories, organized by The Art Hall Curator Helen Opper, is a beautiful and strong show of work by a diverse group of twelve women artists, including eleven visual artists and one performance artist, all living and working in Oklahoma. Much of the work in SideStories examines the power of storytelling across cultures and its visual representation. The Curator aimed to include artists whose voices, or stories, may be underrepresented in some way. 

SideStories is on view from June through September 2017 at The Art Hall. Please click on an artist's name to see more of her work; most work is available for sale.

Marjorie Bontemps

Marie Casimir

Alicia Saltina Marie Clark

Huda Hashim

Rachel Hayes

Gayla Hollis


Ebony Iman Dallas

Lee Ann Jones

Tiffany McKnight

Ronna Pernell

Julie Plant

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